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underwater photography Handout photo of a free-swimming robot submarine manoeuvring beneath sea ice in Eastern Antarctica

Handout photo of a free-swimming robot submarine manoeuvring beneath sea ice in Eastern Antarctic / photograph courtesy of REUTERS/Australian Antarctic Division


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Our Future~

This girl is my heroine! I want to be just like her as I continue to grow up.

Yes, yes it would.

We have the opportunity to help make this a reality by donating to a charity that will buy the land and laboratory of Nikola Tesla. Please consider donating, or at the very least, read this and appreciate the incredible man he was.

Edit: Goal reached!!!! Good work, everyone!!

Venus Transit


If you’re not watching it, you should be! Or at least glance at it. It won’t happen again in our lifetime!


Here is a Carl Sagan video called “Wanderers”. It is fascinating, disturbing, and exhilarating.

This article follows up on a chimp named Santino who demonstrated foresight by gathering rocks to use against enemies without those enemies being a present threat. Since then he’s shown more development with his defense. It’s things like this that always make me wish I could visit in millions of years to see what the current species have become and what they’re up to.

Read the article here:

A friend of mine sent another friend a very interesting link. The creeper known as facebook notified me of it for whatever reason, and I’m kind of glad it did.

This is a cute but useful site that provides a brief description of the different logical fallacies which are often employed in every day arguments, especially, it would seem, among our politicians. Hover your cursor over each of the little buttons to reveal a different one, and you can even click on it to be taken to a page that you may send to your opponent as an alert that you’re onto them.

Visit it here to look them over and have some fun! There’s even a poster you can buy!