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Archive for December, 2011

Self-Healing Electronics

Here’s a fantastic article from another of my favorite sources for science: PhysOrg. It’s about these little microcapsules that will live in the circuits of our electronics from iPods to fighter jets. When there is a break in the circuit, the microcapsules rupture to fill in the break and restore conductivity. This means, the article points out, that our electronics will be able to repair themselves before we even know they are broken. Electronics will need less manual repair and will function longer, so that people will only need to buy a new one when there’s a betterfasterstronger version out. Hooray!


TED Talks

I have recently started watching TED talks, and I’d like to share the ones that stick with me as extremely exciting. A lot of them are interesting, some of them do not intrigue me in the least, and some of them make me want to jump up and down for the amazing things that our scientists are developing for our future.
This is a link to a talk by Kary Mullis. He seems a little uncomfortable on stage, but his presentation is fantastic. Advancements in medicine are something everyone can be happy about. Enjoy!

Hello world!

I know so very little, and that is depressing. My hope is that this blog will serve to track what I learn and discover, and most of all, that any readers will share the things that they find interesting as well. Anything goes, since my interests (off the top of my head) are: science, language, music, and philosophy. I will be grateful for any contribution, since I am a beginner within each of these fields. Thank you for reading, and I hope you have something to share with me.