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Brain Movies

I have long wished for a device I could plug into my head that could adapt my thoughts and play them like music. I have also often been glad that no one can hear my thoughts. This article¬†¬†presents something close: to reconstruct images from the brain. The science isn’t perfect yet, the researchers admit that they can only project things that the mind has already seen, so we’re years away from inventing crazy contraptions or monsters to have them displayed on a screen. In fact, most moving things seem to show up as an ominous, tangly black mass. But still, this video is amazing:


And I for one am excited. They cite access to coma patient’s brains as a use. I can think of a few more, not just including lie detectors and a completely new way to communicate without the pesky inaccuracies of language. Right now, it could be used as a new form of charades in which the participants must guess what the person is trying to imagine for them.

Yay science!