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Our Future~

This girl is my heroine! I want to be just like her as I continue to grow up.


Wouldn’t a Museum for Nikola Tesla be Awesome?

Yes, yes it would.

We have the opportunity to help make this a reality by donating to a charity that will buy the land and laboratory of Nikola Tesla. Please consider donating, or at the very least, read this and appreciate the incredible man he was.

Edit: Goal reached!!!! Good work, everyone!!

Venus Transit


If you’re not watching it, you should be! Or at least glance at it. It won’t happen again in our lifetime!


Here is a Carl Sagan video called “Wanderers”. It is fascinating, disturbing, and exhilarating.

They’re Catching Up!

This article follows up on a chimp named Santino who demonstrated foresight by gathering rocks to use against enemies without those enemies being a present threat. Since then he’s shown more development with his defense. It’s things like this that always make me wish I could visit in millions of years to see what the current species have become and what they’re up to.

Read the article here:

A Helping Hand to Life?

I was reading an article from The New York Times the other day about the upcoming movie Prometheus. Unfortunately, I can’t say it looks like anything special. One of those Neat, but it’s been done before movies. But something toward the end got me thinking, which I appreciate, and I wanted to share that here:

In news conferences and in conversation Mr. Scott has evinced sympathy for the notion — popular in some circles, including the Vatican — that it is almost “mathematically impossible” for life on Earth to have gotten to where it is today without help.

“It is so enormously irrational that we can do this,” he went on, referring to our conversation — “two specs of atoms on a carbon ball.”

“Who pushed it along?” he asked. Have we been previsited by gods or aliens? “The fact that they’d be at least a billion years ahead of us in technology is daunting, and one might use the word God or gods or engineers of life in space.”

What I don’t understand is: if everyone is so confident that our world could have never gotten started without help, why is it acceptable that the species that might have given us a little nudge probably got themselves going as well, and developed themselves well enough to come and influence us? If it’s ‘mathematically impossible’ for one species, being ours, why is it more sensible that there are two species? one advanced enough to find, travel to, and help the other? To me, it doesn’t quite follow. Do any of you have something to add that might change my mind? Or does this seem strange to you, too?

Dancing Water Droplets in Space!!

Uninhibited by gravity and friction!

The article here: